And How to Avoid It

What is sleep?

So I’ve basically been in a really weird state lately—by which I mean I’ve been getting, like, no restful sleep. The fact remains that basically no one follows me, which I’m fine with (honestly, I don’t really want any followers), so probably no one will see this.

But, hey, if you do—you’re a cool person. Pat yourself on the back.

Anyway—in my weird sleeplessness I’ve been receiving, like, ALL OF THE FEELS. Like, hey, GS—we gotta package for you. What is it? Oh, it’s just that HUGE CRATE OF FEELS YOU DIDN’T ORDER.

As a result of these massive shipments of feels showing up at my doorstep, I’ve been writing a lot; which is pretty cool, actually, because I love to write, but I haven’t legitimately written anything in a long time.

What I’m saying is, basically, maybe expect some half-cracked writing out of me, later?

Yeah, let’s go with that.

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